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Of all the thousands of blogs in the world, you took the time to stop by mine. Thank you!

Chasing My Halo is a Life and Style blog. What does that mean exactly? It means that in this little slice of the blogisphere, I highlight tips, adventures, life lessons and whatever I’m loving as I’m going through this thing called life. There’s also a heavy emphasis on fashion/style because it’s a passion and one of my favorite ways to express personal beauty and creativity.

While that may seem broad, my focus is narrow. Life is hard. It’s crazy, it’s busy, and sometimes it’s almost unbearable. So I make it a point to be intentional about highlighting the happiness that’s found in the mundane. Or in the extraordinary. Because when our focus shifts off of the rain and on to the rainbow, life starts to look a lot more brilliant. My desire is that through this blog you see those colors too.

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I typically post about three times a week. Fridays are my Favoring Friday posts, and they are a collection of what I’m currently loving (typically music, food, fashion, etc.).

The other two days of the week are a mixture of topics:

Fashion. I usually have at least 1-2 dedicated posts. See HERE for what you can expect.

Health and Wellness. Fitness, nutrition, etc. I also LOVE sports so you may find a few football related posts flying around in the colder months.

Self-Enrichment. I strive to constantly grow and better myself. Whether it’s goals, experiments, books I’ve read, or inner musings, you can bet they’ll find their way here.

Events. Local Seattle events, date nights, slices of travel, or parties I’ve thrown.


Once a month I send out my #AngelSquad Newsletter. You will find behind the scenes tips, sneak peeks, and (coming soon) pdf’s and printables that you can’t get on the blog. Be a part of the magic and join the squad HERE. Your info is safe and secure and not given to any third parties.

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Is there something you want me to address on the blog or have questions about? Let me know that too. Head to my Contact Me page for more info.

Again, thank you so much for making my world a part of yours. I hope I can make it a little bit brighter!