Spring Into Athleisure Love With PrAna

Spring Into Athleisure Love With PrAna

I received a product sample in exchange for a review. All opinions are honest and mine alone. 

Spring Into Athleisure Love With PrAna

As the days start to get longer and a little less…dreary; I find my activity level naturally increases. More walks with Bella, more strolls by the nearby waterfront, and just a feeling that the day is longer so I have more time to get things done. Ah, spring. Around this time I also notice that I go through my workout gear quicker; especially workout gear that can double as real-life clothes that I can wear out and about. Or in another trendy term; athleisure.

If you haven’t heard it before you will now. Yoga pants started a whole new genre of clothing, and it has evolved into a more polished version that still lets you be comfortable and (most importantly) free to do whatever life throws at you.

One of my favorite athleisure brands is PrAna. I’ve known about PrAna for a while because of their great yoga attire but I had no idea they had such a variety of other clothes to choose from. Watch out Lululemon, you finally have some worthy competition! They have partnered with BlueSign Systems, so you know that their fabrics meet the highest environmental and human safety standards. Better for the environment and better for me!

If this all sounds familiar it’s because I’ve done a few yoga challenges with them over the last couple of years and you may have spotted me on Instagram with the pose of the day!

Spring Into Athleisure Love With PrAna

Although the clothes pictured above aren’t PrAna, I can tell you firsthand how much I love the feel and look of their fabrics and design.

They let me move freely at home on the sand.

Spring Into Athleisure Love With PrAna

Spring Into Athleisure Love With PrAna

I blocked his shot so I need to blog brag for a sec ūüôā

Or when I’m being crazy for no reason at all.

Spring Into Athleisure Love With PrAna

The fabric is unbelievably soft and high quality, with a great design to match.

Spring Into Athleisure Love With PrAna

Yet the best part about PrAna is that if I’m going to make it truly athleisure¬†then I can easily wear it (almost) anywhere I want. Even in extremely windy conditions that give me the dreaded ginger fro.

Spring Into Athleisure Love With PrAna


Spring Into Athleisure Love With PrAna


This really is just a very small sampling of all the clothes that PrAna offers. Seriously, you will have a sudden desire to build your athleisure wardrobe, stat. Luckily, I have a discount code for you that can help make it possible! Use discount code PSSS16CMH for 15% off. 

Like my hair in these pics, I am honestly blown away that it took me so long to discover PrAna. Or athleisure attire. This spring I’m¬†determined to make active look good:).

Have you heard of PrAna before? What do you think of their spring line? What’s your favorite way to rock the athleisure look?

Happy long days! ūüôā





5 Reasons To Use A Personal Shopper

Have you ever had the kind of weekend that was so good that going back to work was¬†even¬†harder? That’s definitely where I’m at now :). We’ll get more into the weekend details but the highlight was a shopping spree with a friend using Macy’s MyStylist service. This is not a sponsored post in any way, I just I had such a great time that I wanted to share the experience. As for the shopping spree, you may ask how that even happens because I know I did! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I really hit the jackpot in terms of friends in life and Crissa and Jason¬†are a big part of that. They just happen to be full of surprises. Anyway, maybe you’re not able to go on a mini shopping spree (although attention husbands this really is a great gift) and you’re just looking for that one perfect piece for an event. Or maybe you’re in a fashion rut and want to try a new look. There are many reasons you may want to use a personal shopper or stylist and I’m going to give you five.

5 Reasons to use a personal shopper

5 Reasons To Use A Personal Shopper

This may not come as a shock to those who know me but I’m kind of a Nordstrom girl. I think it’s in my blood from my sweet¬†Grandma Bea. They top the list when it comes to customer service and well, just about everything else in my opinion. My budget usually dictates that I spend my time at the Rack but I’m team Nordstrom through and through. Obviously, I’ll get clothes other places and I’ve tried to branch out more but I’m setting the scene about why I was so pleasantly surprised with the Macy’s MyStylist service. I have used Nordstrom’s before as well, and it was dangerously fun. The stylist kept finding amazing outfits that I just¬†had¬†to have but couldn’t afford. As great of an experience as that was (Nordstrom has those magic mirrors after all), I have to say this one was even better.

We were both a little skeptical as we emailed our stylist Jonmarc our sizes and style preferences. Would he be able to find things for our two amazon-like bodies? Would we be able to find clothes that we really liked?

Here are 5 reasons to use a personal shopper that answer that question with a resounding yes.

1) They work with your style.

When we were first shown our dressing rooms we were shocked at how he had nailed our personal style from the little information we had emailed him. The clothes set aside for me were very much my style/colors and Crissa’s room held clothes true to her classic cuts and styles that she gravitates towards. We were pretty impressed from the word go.

5 Reasons To Use A Personal Shopper

2) You step outside your normal.

Although we both tried on a lot of “us” pieces Jonmarc had set aside things that neither of us would have picked out on our own. In fact, one of the skirts I ended up getting (and loving) was a BCBG skirt that honestly didn’t impress me hanging up but when I tried it on it was smiley face heart eyes emoji all the way.

3) Privacy.

In Macy’s, there is a whole area designated for their Mystylist services. It was just the two of our private dressing rooms in their own little area. In other words, no awkward¬†walking down the hall to the long mirror in front of random strangers. There were snacks there (because #shopingismycardio) and I was told we wanted we could have even brought our own champagne.

4) Undivided attention.

We had our stylist all to ourselves. So when we needed a different size or style Jonmarc would find it for us without having to help 10 different people out at the same time. He also was¬†not¬†on commission so we knew he didn’t have any other agendas other than our fashion satisfaction. There was a cash register in our private dressing room area so we didn’t have to wait in any lines either! This turned about especially helpful for me when trying to whittle down my “yes” pile.

5 Reasons to use a personal shopper

5) The Pretty Woman Effect.

You know what I’m talking about right? The shopping scene from Pretty Woman? There’s something about having someone specifically help you out that makes you feel like a queen for a day (or at least for a couple of hours). Even if you don’t have snobby women on Rodeo Drive to show up ;-).

All this is to say that if you haven’t tried a personal shopping service before you might want to give it a try. It’s definitely¬†not that I can’t shop for myself. It’s just that every once in a while it’s nice to have a different kind of shopping experience. It’s also a great way to round out my “team”; my hair stylist, massage therapist, esthetician etc, and now I can add personal stylist to the list!

Have you used a styling service before?

5 Reasons to use a personal shopper

After shopping, we went to watch Crissa’s cousin’s basketball team (Central Valley) win the Women’s State 4A Basketball Championship! For a couple of hours I got to live vicariously through them since my high school team never made it¬†nearly that far. So much fun! Fashion and sports are pretty much my perfect day.

Weekending (personal stylist)

Other highlights of the weekend included book club (which turned into more of a girls night out) where I had this amazing burrata at The Black Bottle, and some quality time with E. You know I love me some burrata!

Weekending (5 Reasons to Use a Personal Shopper)

Have a lovely week!

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I’m Wearing A Faux Fur Vest Into Spring. Try to Stop Me!

Some trends take a while to grow on me. Gladiator sandals, high-waisted anything, and harem pants to name a few. The faux fur vest was not one of them, even if it took me forever to actually bring one home. I have looked over the last year to find “the one”, and not only the one but the one in my price point. I had seen some I liked at Nordstrom Rack in the fall, but when I went back they were out. Flash forward to my date night where I was walking through TopShop, and there it was. My sheep/fur vest in all its glory, and on SALE nonetheless! Like the right guy, some things are worth the wait :).

There are only a few weeks until spring¬†and believe you me I’m going to try to get as much wear out of this little (faux) lamb as I can before the weather gets too warm. Even when it’s spring, if it’s under 70 degrees I have some spring-appropriate outfit ideas already qued up and ready to go. You’ll see. I will admit that it is pretty cozy so I definitely won’t be donning this vest in the summer but come autumn it’s coming out again. If fur vests are relevant enough to be major players in the¬†Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2016 line¬†they are good enough for me:).

Wearing A Faux Fur Vest Into Spring

I attempted to work some pieces into this outfit that will also carry over into spring. For example, pin stripes and nautical blues are in style this next season so I’ll be able to wear this shirt for months to come. Look how long it is! Is it possible I bought a dress by mistake? Hmm, perhaps. Life of a tall girl I suppose.

Wearing A Faux Fur Vest Into Spring

There is something about the softness of faux fur against leather that I love. It’s the same with leather and lace. Peanut butter and jelly. You get the idea :). These (faux) leather pants are also really warm so this combo is definitely better for cold weather, or when you want to feel like a rock star. Up to you!

Wearing A Faux Fur Vest Into Spring

The day we shot these pics was a typical Seattle winter day with lots of rain. In other words,¬†I’m making excuses for my hair but once the rain frizz fro starts there is no product that can turn back time. It is what it is.

Wearing A Faux Fur Vest Into Spring

When it comes to purses I live by the motto “the bigger the better”, and this Marc Jacobs purse is well-loved,¬†used, and has a lot of life to give. So you might see it from time to time.

Wearing A Faux Fur Vest Into Spring


Outfit Details

Shirt: H&M/ similar

Faux-Fur Vest:¬†TopShop¬†similar¬†and¬†similar¬†(I couldn’t find my exact vest and shirt even though I recently purchased them).

Pants: Alloy Apparel/ similar

Shoes: Eli East for Nordstrom Rack/ similar

Jewelry: Tiffany & Co (old) and cross bracelet (gift). Earrings from Fireworks (gift)

Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs Francesca Purse/ similar


Still not convinced that faux fur is for you? Let Rachel Zoe convince you in ¬†Why the faux-fur vest trend isn’t going anywhere.¬†I know it’s going somewhere with me, and that’s out and about on my runway of life :-).

I’m not a big risk-taker. I don’t jump out of planes or put my life savings on one spin in Vegas. Sometimes my thrills are found in faux-fur and leather, and that is what makes me me. So if you see me on the streets, and I’m rocking this look, know I’m feeling some kind of way!

I’m late to the party, but have you tried this trend? What’s your favorite way to wear faux fur?


Wearing A Faux Fur Vest Into Spring


How to Upcycle Your Wardrobe (& Christmas!)

Upcycle Your Wardrobe

A week ago I attended¬†Savers Value Village¬†#Runway Reimagined Fashion Show in Pioneer Square (Seattle). I wasn’t really sure what to expect. To let (most of)¬†you in on a little secret, I am a horrible thrift shopper. Like awful. I’m impatient, and have a hard time envisioning creative ways to make what I see on the racks into a proper representation of my fashion style. So I was a little leery, but curious on what type of¬†clothes would be featured. Also, my taste has far too long exceeded my budget so I find myself¬† in uncharted territory on how to still enjoy fashion, but without piling on debt. For those two reasons, I jumped at the chance to attend the show.

The show was one of my favorite to date; the venue was perfect and intimate, the clothes were brilliant, and even the swag bags were on point!

In fact, I had such a great time at the show that it got me thinking about other ways that I can upcycle during the holidays. So after I walk you through the 3 designers from the show, get inspired on some ways you can upcycle your Christmas!

The first designer was Carlie Wong,¬†made her collection from¬†68 lbs of used clothes. This¬†represented the average amount that Americans¬†literally throw away! Her designs were super classy and I could see myself wearing almost every one! It’s no wonder she was a contestant on Project Runway (Canada)!

Carlie Wong

Carlie Wong

Alyssa Blanco

Alyssa Blanco, along with Karla Ortiz, were given 750.00 a piece to use at Value Village to create their fashion lines. Her line was more casual and relaxed, with a bit of a 90’s vibe. I liked her use of layers.

Alyssa Blanco for #Runway Reimagined

Karla Ortiz

Karla’s collection shouts Northwest to me. Hipsters unite! Quirky, with a 60’s/70’s vibe, her use of bold colors and accessories took her looks to the next level. These were truly fun designs.

Karla Ortiz


Karla Ortiz

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Upcycle Christmas Ideas

For a quick glossary of terms in case you are like me, and really didn’t understand the difference between repurpose and upcycle :).

Upcycle = reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original.

Repurpose = adapt for use in a different purpose.

Recycle = convert (waste) into reusable material.

After I could see how someone’s trash turned¬†into treasure, I had a little fun with seeing other ways I could incorporate upcycling into the holidays!

Easy Upcycling Craft Projects Great gift ideas!

Top 5 Upcycled Gift Wrap Ideas¬†When a boring gift bag just won’t do.

Scrabble Christmas Ornaments Scrabble. Ornaments. Enough said!

Upcycled Clothing on Etsy

I may not¬†can’t¬† sew, but I can help support the cause by purchasing upcycled clothes from people that can, and Etsy is full of them! Search to your heart’s delight to find your style.

Have you repurposed or upcycled anything? Share your ideas here!











Supporting Local Seattle Fashion (Chance Fashion Shows)

Do you ever wish your city was a leader in the fashion industry like New York?¬†I have often lamented at how behind the game Seattle was, but I think we are getting closer and closer to at being a player in the game. Now we just need to get our residents to stop wearing denim to formal events….. :(.

In my last Weekending¬†post, I mentioned that I had the opportunity to cover a local fashion show. I’m so excited to bring you some of what¬†I saw, but more importantly I’m excited to talk about¬†how¬†my city is promoting fashion from the inside out.

Seattle Fashion Show by Chance Fashion

Chance Fashion Seattle

Chance Fashion is a non-profit organization that holds monthly fashion shows that showcase talent of all levels. Designers, photographers, and models all have a “chance” at displaying their best work, along with building connections and giving the fashion industry a boost in Seattle! There is even a chance to shop some of the looks you see at the show, which further promotes supporting Seattle fashion and Chance.

They hold a fashion show ¬†once a month (always the 2nd Saturday of the month),and this month’s theme was custom luxury and evening gowns. I thought it was a perfect way to kick off the upcoming holiday season! Glitz, glamour, rich colors and fabrics, and creative looks to get you thinking about formal affairs that might be in the works. Even if you don’t get¬†the chance to rock an evening gown this year, just thinking about wearing one puts a smile on your face right?!

Seattle Fashion

The MC’s were lovely. This is sometimes the part of fashion shows that can annoy me, but I thought Russ and Juliet walked that line of energetic and over board brilliantly. I couldn’t take my eyes off her dress either! It was by GG Connections, and it was like Dorothy’s ruby slippers came to life in the most magical way possible. I was dreaming of wearing that beauty all.night.long.

Catwalk time!

Atelier Sovanny

Atelier Sovanny for Chance Fasion

The show opened with this Cambodian-American couture fashion line. The colors were stunning, and the material was decadent. The yellow dress in my cover photo for this post was my favorite from this designer. All of the gowns seemed to drape perfectly and scream high quality. The model above looked so much like Cassandra from The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad (not that I’d know, right?) that I immediately got on Twitter after the show to confirm. I don’t think it was her…but I’m keeping the dream alive!

Norma’s Boutique

Norma's Boutique Chance Fashion Show Seattle

Senior stylist Cassandra McClure brought her LaDyRoCk Collection that blends ” Gothic style dresses with a rock star touch”. Of all the lines, these dresses were the most versatile, and you didn’t have to see yourself at a black tie event to wear them. It was a tremendously fun collection, and I¬†knew the moment I laid eyes on the shoes that I was in for a treat with Norma’s Boutique.

Wedding Gowns by Porsche Nikia

Porsche Nikia for Chance Seattle Fashion Show

Porsche Nikia at Chance Seattle Fashion show

Porsche Nikia calls this collection ” A Modern Fairytale”, and you can see from the colored lace peeking out from underneath the first dress (love!) pictured that she blends modern details with classic looks. “Timeless looks with a contemporary twist”. Indeed Porsche! I know I was transported :).

Trash by Tony Oliver

Trash by Tony Oliver Chance Show Seattle Fashion

Seattle Fashion (Chance Fashion Show) Trash by Tony Oliver

Seattle Fashion Trash by Tony Oliver

What’s not to love about taking your trash and turning into fashion treasure? Literally. Tony Oliver created this line using trash bags! This was my favorite collection to watch of the night. From the music to the ingenious styles and colors, this line left me shaking my head at how talented some people are. Repurposing at its best.

Mac Fashion House

Mach Fashion House Seattle Fashion

Mac Fashion House Seattle Fashion

Mac Fashion House was from Designer Carlisia Minnis’ Anniversary show. I loved the detail of this line, and more than that I loved the color and how she presented it. Color by color, the dresses were presented in groups. The shade of brown was stunning, and who can normally say that about brown?

GG Connections

GG Connections

GG Connections 1

GG Connections @ Chance Show Seattle Fashion

Bay area Designer Debbie Nghiem knows how to fashion. As each piece came out I found myself wanting to wear them all. The fabric draped beautifully, the colors were rich, and her looks were super creative yet wearable. That last white number pictured got my heart racing and brain working overtime on how I could make it mine:). SO stunning!

Speaking of making it mine, during one of the intermissions there was a live auction for some of the clothes. I actually don’t think I’ve ever been in any kind of live auction so that was a new and fun experience. The proceeds went back to Chance, so again, supporting Seattle fashion and your personal closet at the same time!


My first event for Chance Fashion was a lot of fun, and I wish they were around years ago when I was trying to dive into the world of modeling. I have no doubt Seattle will continue to fight to be a player on the worldwide catwalk.

How does your city stack up with its fashion, and how is it supported? Are their opportunities to see work from your local designers or lesser known lines?

Chance Fashion 3