Navigating The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale On a Budget

If you’re a lover of clothes in any way you’ve most likely heard of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Two plus weeks of deals and steals in all their Nordstrom glory. Cardholders get in a week early for early access which started last week and ends this Thursday before it opens to the public on July 22nd.

This year it’s particularly challenging because our budget is tight but my love for clothes is still larger than life. So it takes some serious strategizing to take advantage of the good deals without causing marital strife. Here’s what I’ve found works for me, or great tips that I’ve heard from my savvy shopper friends.¬†All in seven, easy steps ūüôā

Navigating The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on a Budget

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Step One

Clean out your closet

This is something that should be done seasonally anyway but if you haven’t gone through your closet for summer yet now is the time.

Get rid of what you don’t want or need or better yet, create a capsule! When your closet is minimized you are able to see exactly what you have, and what you need for the upcoming season. I actually started a closet makeover last fall and recently finished it with a little help :). I can’t wait to show you guys the process in the next few weeks!

Step Two

Make lists

Make a list of trends you want to try, clothes that you need, and any upcoming events. With your closet more visible you should be able to see clearly what you are lacking or what you have too much of. Trends I’m loving that will be big in the fall? Lace up flats and bomber jackets!

Navigating the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on a Budget

Step Three

Review your budget

You’ll be a lot less likely to overspend if you know exactly how much freedom you have. I’d say this is the most important part of successfully navigating the Nordstrom Anniversary sale on a budget.

Step Four


Rank your items on your list in order of importance. Then you can go down it while shopping and when you reach your alotted amount, stop the search!

Step Five

Choose online vs. store

If you’re on a tight budget, online might be an easier way to go because you can just type in the high priority clothes and limit the distractions. Shopping in store also has its perks, like the “going, going, gone” sections where you can snatch up clothes before there gone forever. There’s nothing worse than having something in your cart online being snatched away before you can checkout. Obviously, you can try things on in person which is nice. Just know your limits; if in-store is too temping then stick to online only.

Step Six

Think about others

It’s sooo¬†fun to get wrapped up in all possible future outfits that it can be easy to forget about others in your life. Some of my favorite people use this Anniversary Sale as a chance to stock up on clothes for their significant others or kids. If you can save ahead of time, this strategy will save you some serious money later!

Step Seven

Leave room for beauty

There are a lot of deals on beauty products that can often go unlooked. This is a great time to stock up on your needs or try a new look in-store.

Navigating the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on a Budget

Now that you’ve got your strategy, here are a few of my favorite things. Some of them high are on my list, and some (like the flamingo) are just plain fun. Click on pics for links and info

Happy Hunting!

Haloge'Owen' Pointy Toe Ghillie Flat (photo cred Nordstrom)


Free Perople Top


Boyfriend jeans


Tory Burch Boot


distressed jeans

Bomber Jacket Nordstrom

Flamingo Floatie Nordstrom


Culottes – The Little Trend That Could

“I-think-I-can!” “I think-I can!”¬†

For some reason, some trends never make it with me. Usually, it’s because I wore them in some form during childhood, and felt it was bad the first time. Sometimes, it’s just that I think the trend is ugly. Or impractical. Or both ;).

In the case of culottes, it was all of the above and I was quite positive that on this tall frame they would hit at the wrong level and look atrocious.

“I-think-I-can!” “I think-I can!”¬†

Culottes – The Little Trend That Could

Culottes - The Little Trend That Could

Culottes have been back for a couple of seasons now. I had seen different women of style wear culottes, gauchos, and wide leg trousers, and they all looked fabulous. But that was them. It wasn’t until a friend and I were at the Anthropologie fashion show last spring that I saw these exact pants and was won over. We both loved them, but we are both pretty tall and this model was pint-sized. Either way, I was ready to let my biases down to at least try them on.

Culottes - The Little Trend That Could

Honestly, I kept telling myself they were gaucho¬†pants. I think if I had known they were culottes I wouldn’t have tried them on. When I hear the word culotte, it kind of makes me cringe. I have vivid memories of culottes I wore that just.weren’t.attractive. In bright, floral colors. Or were they a romper?

I digress. What is the difference between gaucho pants and culottes? Turns out that gauchos are wide calf-length trousers inspired by the South American Gauchos, (any Bachelorette fans? They had a gaucho scene last night!) whereas culottes are also calf or knee length, but hang like a skirt. Ugh. Okay, so I just bought culottes.

Culottes - The Little Trend That Could

Ideally, you want the pants to hit you at or right below the widest part of your calf. Yes, culottes are also described as knee-length, but for me knee-length culottes are too close to rompers, which are too close to childhood so I’m not quite there yet. In my opinion, calf-length are much more sophisticated.

Whereas the high waist cut of gaucho pants is more structured, culottes give us vertically enhanced the ability to wear them lower on our waist if we need the added length. Which I usually do.

Culottes - The Little Trend That Could

Culottes can also carry you from spring into early fall. They are often made of lighter fabric like these, so on warmer days I can pair it with a loose-fitted tank. When the temperatures are more crisp, simply layer on your coats, cardis or even a sweater.

Culottes - The Little Trend That Could

Another reason this trend grew on me? Functionality. They look like a skirt but act like pants! Meaning, I can be my normal clumsy self while still looking somewhat lady-like. You’re covered. Literally ūüėČ

Culottes - The Little Trend That Could

As far as shoes, I think they look best with a heel of some sort. Because culottes draw attention to your lower calf a bit, heels just accentuate the positive:). However, if you are feeling flats (which is me 80% of the time) the lace-up flat would be the way to go.

Culottes - The Little Trend That Could

So even though I want to call them something else, those little culotte pants have grown on me. They look good, feel good, and are super versatile. It’s like I kept laughing at the trend in my head but it just kept sticking around, looking better and better with the different ways I saw it styled.

Culottes - The Little Trend That Could

Like many things in life, I can get pre-conceived notions on if I think I like something based off of past experiences. This trend is a good reminder to keep an open mind and be willing to give things another chance. I may have completely different tastes in one stage of my life as a I do another.

Some things, like oysters, even when I try them again I still can’t get down with them (and I¬†want¬†to!). Other things, like guacomole and culottes, grow on you and become a love rather then something you’d pass by time and time again.

Culottes - The Little Trend That Could

The point is, you never know until you try! Perhaps one day, you’ll find yourself wearing the very style or doing the very thing that you never thought you would. This trend sure wouldn’t give up up and go away, and for that I’m thankful.

“I-thought-I could-I thought- I could.”

Culottes - The Little Trend That Could

photos Hello Rigby

Outfit Details

Pants –¬†Anthropologie Olena Culottes¬†Here

Top –¬†Ella Moss¬†Mesh Yolk Knit Tank

Necklace –¬†Stella & Dot¬†Havana Pendant

Shoes – Vince Camuto ‘Evel’ Leather Sandal¬†Here¬†(Nordstrom Exclusive and 30% off NOW!)


Burberry Beauty 101

One of my favorite childhood pastimes was the tea party. What’s there not to love about setting up a room of super attentive “friends” and drinking the best imaginary tea possible? Even into adulthood, I love going to tea rooms and¬†enjoying finger foods with good company. So when I got the invite (thanks, Hello Rigby)¬†to a blogger tea at the Four Seasons where we were also going to learn about luxury beauty lines? Um,¬†YES!¬†

I’m going to break that tea party into two different blog posts (because it was¬†that¬†awesome) and this one is focused on Burberry Beauty. They put on an excellent Master Class, where I learned¬†oodles about their fabulous products. Which I’ll now share some of with you :).

Burberry Beauty 101


Burberry Beauty Master Class

When you think of Burberry, a few things normally come to mind. The Burberry Check is what I think of first, (not plaid) and right behind it, their famous outerwear. Namely, the trenchcoat. Over the years, notable stars like Audrey Hepburn and Victoria Beckham have become associated with the brand because of their love for it, really catapulting it into fame.

The fact that Burberry had a whole beauty line actually wasn’t even on my radar (although I’ve heard of Fresh Glow before). I think sometimes I get stuck with using the same products and not branching out enough but¬†this year I’ve been exploring some new brands. They each have a different feel and Burberry Beauty is its own kind of unique.

Burberry Beauty Master Class

Inspired and based off the English Countryside, all the thought and energy put into their products is designed to give you that beautiful, natural, dewy and fresh feel. If you pay attention to many of their names you’ll see the heavy countryside influence (like Poppy).

So first I want to rave about a few of their products before I let you in on some exciting things in store for Burberry. I mentioned earlier that the only product I had heard of was Fresh Glow. I had heard of it but I hadn’t actually tried it. OH.MY you guys.

Burberry’s Fresh Glow Luminous Base¬†is out of this world. I’ve tried a few different primers and this one is by far my favorite. It really does create that dewy glow (which now I can see why it’s their signature) and even feels like it takes a few years off. Here are some characteristics of Fresh Glow Luminous Base that I love:

  • 55% water infused so it glides and hydrates
  • Formulated¬†without¬†parabens, sulfates or phthalates
  • Camouflages minor imperfections
  • Can be worn alone or mixed in with foundation
  • ¬†That glow!!!

Burberry Beauty Master Class

To push your youthful and dewy look one step further, combine the Luminous Base with Fresh Glow B.B Cream and/or Fresh Glow Foundation. Both designed to give you their signature natural glow. The B.B Cream is even an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner.

Fresh Glow B.B Cream and Fresh Glow Foundation

  • Buildable so you are in control of coverage
  • Contains SPF
  • Formulated¬†without¬†parabens, sulfates or phthalates
  • Light-diffusing complex (rosehip, tea, and lavender)
  • The Glow!!! (see above) ūüôā

If you’re looking for a fuller matte coverage, then Burberry Beauty offers a Cashmere Foundation to give that matte look.

Burberry Beauty Master Class

Lip and Cheek Blooms

These wonderfully packaged products are inspired by flower petals and you’ll notice when you touch them that that’s exactly what they feel like.

  • Buildable (sheer to fuller color)
  • Moisturizing
  • Helps to blend/cover imperfections
  • Formulated¬†without¬†parabens, sulfates or phthalates
  • Soft flush that helps create the dewy look
  • Multi-purposed (lips or cheeks)
  • The glow!!!

Burberry Beauty Master Class

Effortless Eyebrow Definer

Another one of Allure’s Best of Beauty Award Winners; one end is the pencil and the other is a brush. It’s pretty brilliant if you ask me.

  • Dual-ended
  • Slanted tip for precise application
  • Powder texture to help with fullness
  • Formulated¬†without¬†parabens, sulfates or phthalates

Burberry Beauty Master Class

We were given a demo on how to create certain looks, including contouring and strobing. Strobing you guys. I haven’t even mastered the cat eye yet, so even though I haven’t graduated to strobing (when/if I do), they have some great products for that. Especially that Luminous pen. I can see that coming in handy on those days that I’m looking extra tired.

  • Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen
  • Face Contour Pen
  • Eye Color Contour
  • Fresh Glow Luminous Base

Burberry Beauty

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail on the rest of their lip colors but they have some great color choices, and two of the most popular are red poppy and oxblood (which you can see pictured above on the model to the left). Oxblood is going to give you that deep, rich color that is trending and will be especially perfect this fall.

Burberry Beauty Master Class 1

What’s next?

Some exciting things are happening within Burberry nationwide and locally. In February, Burberry unveiled its latest beauty look, developed by their Make-up Artistic Consultant Wendy Rowe,(who I’m now following on IG lol) under the direction of Burberry Chief Creative and Executive Officer, Christopher Bailey. The look still had the signature dewy finish, but with dark, metallic eyes and glitters applied to the outer corners of the eyes and tops of cheekbones. Nude lips finished the look. Did y’all hear me? GLITTER!

Yes, they are coming out with their Limited Edition Shimmer Dust as part of the Runway Make-Up Collection August 2016. 

I have such a thing for glitter it’s not even funny, and even though I’ve had to tone it down over the years the love is still strong.¬†This one comes in gold and silver¬†and is meant for use on the face and body. “Playful Holographic” they term it. Eat your heart out Quantum Leap ( some of you are old enough to know what I’m talking about here, right?) :).

They will also be introducing a new mascara called cat lash as part of the AW16 (Autumn Winter Fashion Week) this summer!

Nordstrom’s Anniversary week is fast approaching (July 22nd-August 7th) and that would be a great time to check out any of these products. If you are in the Seattle area, Burberry Beauty launched its counter in the Downtown Seattle Flagship store last August (2015). So we really have no excuse not to go get our Brit on and walk out looking like Victoria Beckham. Or at least our own unique version of her ūüėČ

Just don’t forget the glitter. The holidays are coming!

Burberry Beauty (Masterclass)

This truly was some of the most fun I’ve had at a “class”. Adam and Shara were informative, creative and fun, and I can’t wait to get my hands on more of these products. Follow me on Snapchat (chasingmyhalo) during the week leading up to the Anniversary sale as I check out the new products and learn how to Burberr-ize (yes, I just made that up) my face.

Also, stay tuned for part two of this tea where I introduce Fresh!

Have you tried any Burberry Beauty product? What’s your favorite?


Splash of Red (& How Anyone Can Wear It)

When you have red (strawberry blonde) hair as a child you notice certain beauty boundaries are thrust upon you. Like how we gingers should stick to earth tones, and this definitely included the peach/orange makeup that nearly every makeup artist and Mary Kay lady said was a must. Earth tones not jewel tones. Pretty much the answer to every beauty quiz in the magazines. Yes, back in the day we read magazines for our beauty inspiration. Pretty antiquated:). As a result of those opinions, it’s taken me well into my adult years to really be comfortable rocking all kinds of colors, and red was one of the hardest. So today, think of me as your beauty MythBuster, and we’re taking on the color red.

Splash of Red (& How Anyone Can Wear It)

Splash of Red (& How Anyone Can Wear It)

For starters, this isn’t only a redhead issue; I just know that¬†the majority of us can relate. So why do so many people shy away from the color? Well, for one it’s bold. Red gets you noticed, it’s in song titles, and in some religious groups, there’s some debate on whether the color should be worn at all.

It incites emotion and it’s bold. People are also perceived as more confident when wearing it. Whether that’s true or not ūüôā

Splash of Red (& How Anyone Can Wear It)

Since this is the year of living boldly, and with the patriotic season upon us, I thought this was the perfect outfit (and topic) to kick off the summer fashion season.

I will readily admit that it’s¬†harder¬†for redheads to look good in red. There are some complexions and hair colors that look stunning in it, regardless of the shade. You all are blessed! For the rest of us, it’s all about shades and undertones. Just like finding the perfect pair of jeans, your perfect shade of red it out there, it just may require some searching. This goes for lipstick too :).

A Splash of Red (& How Anyone Can Wear It)

Personally, I can’t do reds that have an orange undertone. They just don’t look good against my skin. Since a lot of reds are this¬†exact¬†type, there are a lot of clothes that I have to pass by. For years, I didn’t even stop to look if the red would look good on me because I just assumed it didn’t. Sad :(.

Blue undertones are a different story, and I’ve increased my red game slowly year by year. Just like wearing heels, I need to be in certain mood to pull it off, but I’m finding it’s a bit like the chicken and the egg. Does wearing red (and heels) bring the confidence and boldness, or should I already be in that mindset to make it work? Regardless, I think even for those days I’m not feeling “it”, the fake it till you make it school of philosophy applies :).

A Splash of Red (& How Anyone Can Wear It)

This Ted Baker clutch I borrowed from my purse master friend makes the perfect tinge of blue in addition to the denim

When I saw this top from Free People back in early spring, I actually wanted it in white but they were sold out. Red was all that was left. I could tell it wasn’t an orange/red so I went ahead and ordered it thinking it would make a nice 4th of July outfit (if I wanted it to). It was worth the risk for such a great off the shoulder style and I actually like the red more than I would have liked the white. Some things are just meant to be :).

A Splash of Red (& How Anyone Can Wear It)

I paired it with some denim capris for a classic look but it would also look great with white shorts or a skirt. That would make the red really pop:). The summer options are endless! This Ted Baker clutch I borrowed from my purse master friend makes the perfect accent of blue (in addition to the denim) to give that Independence Day vibe. It’s a way of being patriotic without going overboard. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Wait until you see the head-gear I bought in Boston that I can’t wait to pop out for the 4th :).

A Splash of Red (& How Anyone Can Wear It)

A Splash of Red (& How Anyone Can Wear It)

If the thought of buying a whole piece in red is too risky, then my recommendation is to start with the lipstick. If you can find the right red lipstick shade then you can go from there because you’ll know what looks good right up against your complexion. Head to your nearest beauty counter and they can help you find your perfect match. Then try wearing just the lipstick alone for a while to get used to it before taking it up a notch in the whole ensemble. This will make your red on red transition seamless :).

Splash of Red (& How Anyone Can Wear It)

A Splash of Red ( & How Anyone Can Wear It)

My cousin gave this look the best compliment the other day when she said that I looked like a grown up Annie. You know, little orphan Annie, Annie. For us, Annie was pretty much everything back in the day. We knew all the words to every song and would belt them out regularly. With flair. Sometimes in the bathtub, and other times on stage. The stage of the living room of course, but hey we had an audience so it counts :).

Annie knew what living boldly and a positive spirit could do, and perhaps when I wear her signature color I can channel a bit of that childlike optimism in my own life.

The sun will come out tomorrow  :).

A Splash of Red (& How Anyone Can Wear It)


A Splash of Red (& How Anyone Can Wear It)

Photography/ Michelle Dorman

Makeup/ Mimi Banasik

Outfit Details

*Contains affiliate links that pay out a very small commission (at no cost to you) if the item is purchased. Not all links are affiliate. 

Top: Free People “Tula” Off the Shoulder Top Here

Capris: Joe Jeans Here

Shoes: Nine West Similar

Purse: (borrowed) Ted Baker Similar

Necklace: Anthropologie Here

A Splash of Red (& How Anyone Can Wear It)


Blogging and a Blush Blazer

When I started blogging I had no idea how much work it would take, how much sleep I would lose, and how many moments of sheer frustration would arise. Getting your Bachelors¬†in¬†Dental Hygiene doesn’t exactly scream of coding, graphic design, photography, and all the other components that go into having a blog.

Two and a half years later, I find myself still staying up way too late and having those moments of frustration, but it’s been worth it. More than that, as this blog matures I feel like it’s settling into its identity. My vision for this space is taking on a clearer shape, and that’s exciting.

Blogging and a Blush Blazer.

I guess that’s a little like growing up. We fumble around for years trying to figure out who we are and what we want out of life, and then gradually it comes into view. Changing and evolving but all the while getting closer to who we are and what we represent at the core. Turns out that growing up is really not all that¬†bad because there is peace in knowing yourself fully. While this blog is not “grown up”, it too is getting closer every day to what it represents. The topics may vary, but the heart of it is very clear.

In a world where there is so much darkness, I want it to be a source of light.¬†I realize that talking about the latest fashion or your morning routine isn’t necessarily life changing, but if it takes your mind off of all the negativity that swirls around us and makes you smile (or learn for even a moment), then I’ve accomplished my goal.

Blogging and a Blush Blazer

The small joys every day can add up to something huge, and if we are aware enough to pause and recognize them they can add up to one beautiful life.

This blush blazer to me is one of those small joys. As Ken Downing recently said, “they were going to make the blazer not a dirty word”. This literally made me laugh out loud because I avoided blazers for¬†years. They were associated with shoulder pads and awkward times. However, they’re making a big comeback and their overly structured design is taking a more subtle and sophisticated shape.

Blogging and a Blush Blazer

Granted, they all don’t have this zipper detail like this blush BCBG number I fell in love with during my epic shopping trip with Crissa but there really are tons of better looking blazers in this new generation of fashion.

Shoulder pads not included ūüôā


Blazers are actually are quite versatile, you can dress them up, dress them down, and of course they’re always perfect for work. Unless your work is done in scrubs like mine is some of the time. Then there’s no way I’m getting this fabric near those fluids :).

Blogging and a Blush Blazer

Like many others, I have a thing for the color blush. It’s feminine and can be worn with pretty much anything. It’s like a more elegant and grown-up cousin of the Pepto pink that adorned my bed and walls as a kid.

Add some rose gold accents to the color blush and I instantly feel myself exhale. Colors and clothes really do have an impact on your attitude, and I find that this one relaxes me and just makes me happy.

Blogging and a Blush Blazer

I’ve worn this blazer different ways. On Easter, I dressed it up with some nice pants. For this day, I paired it with black skinny jeans and heels and it gave it a whole new vibe. That’s what I love about clothes; the way they can make you feel.

So if you’re on the fence about blazers, I encourage you to jump off. Like red lipstick, there really is a blazer that looks good on everyone. You may have to search through a few first to find the right one, but it’s there. Trust me! It takes a little searching to find something that looks perfect on this torso and wing span so persistence is key.

I hope you’re finding something to smile about today. Even if it’s just a blush blazer ūüôā

Blogging and a Blush Blazer



Blogging and a Blush Blazer

Outfit Details

*This section contains affiliate links which would pay out a very small commission at no extra cost to you.

Blush Blazer: BCBG/Here

Blouse: Peione/Old for Nordstrom Similar

Rose Gold Cross Necklace: Similar

Shoes:¬†¬†BCBG Next Generation ‚ÄúCarissa‚ÄĚ /¬†Similar

Purse: Coach (Old) Similar

Blogging and a Blush Blazer

Photography/ Michelle Dorman

Makeup/ Mimi Banasik