What is FitCode Denim Fit Lab? An Event with JAG Jeans

The quest to finding the right jeans is one that nearly every woman knows all too well. Too tight, too short, too much gaping at the waist, too tight in the thighs. It can be such an annoying task. On the flip side, I LOVE the feeling when you find the perfect fit. In my mind, it’s almost euphoric. So when I had the opportunity to attend the Preview Party for Fitcode Denim Fit Lab x JAG Jeans, I jumped at it. Here’s what went down and how you can get in on the action too!

Fitcode Denim Fit Lab with JAG Jeans

What is FitCode Denim FitLab? A JAG Jeans Event

For you local Seattleites, if you haven’t checked out My Style Suite inside Westfield/Southcenter you’re missing out. They can help you stay up on the current trends and find a style that’s uniquely you. They happen to also host amazing events like this one! Upon arriving, (of course) there were denim looks everywhere. There was also a super helpful and happy staff on hand to make the Fitcode Denim Fitlab a great experience.  Plus chocolate and goodies. Which is always a win :).

What is FitCode Denim FitLab? A JAG Jeans Event

What is Fitcode Denim Fitlab? A JAG Jeans Event

It was fun to see so many local bloggers I love there, and it also served as a great reminder of how many body types are out there. My six-foot frame is a perfect example of that! We come in all different shapes and sizes, so it only makes sense that jeans need to start catering to the variety. Which is exactly what Jag Jeans have done. They have so many styles, and a lot of them are pull on or have a lot of stretch. Which is perfect for my suddenly expanding body ;).

What is Fitcode Denim Fitlab? A JAG Jeans Event

One of the first things I did (after the chocolate!) was to fill out the individualized questionnaire about my body type. The staff was super helpful in walking me through the process when I had questions.

What is FitCode Denim FitLab? A JAG Jeans Event

What is Fitcode Denim Fitlab? A JAG Jeans Event

After the Fitcode Quiz was finished,  I was assigned a number. When you have that number, the fun part begins! All of the different styles of Jag jeans had numbers on the tag. Find your number; find your fit! Then the tough part is just deciding what style you like best.

What is Fitcode Denim Fitlab? A JAG Jeans Event

What is Fitcode Denim Fitlab? A JAG Jeans Event

What is Fitcode Denim Fitlab? A JAG Jeans Event

I loved how so many of the jeans had that stretch factor and I purposely got mine a little larger to accommodate upcoming changes! I walked out with the Sheridan, which has a fun distressed look that I love.

What are your current jean shopping dilemmas? If you are near Seattle this weekend, I strongly encourage you to stop by Southcenter for the FitCode Party open to the public and try this method for yourself. Hopefully, you will love it as much as I did and all your denim woes will be gone!

Event Details

What/Who: JAG Jeans and the FitCode Lab

Where: My Style Suite at Westfield Southcenter (next to Aveda).

When: This Saturday, February 18th from 12-5pm

Even better?

If you go Saturday, you can score 30% of Jag Jeans using the code FITLABHalo (yay!)

If you are not a mall person (which I get!), are busy, or don’t live nearby, then you can still score 20% off with FITLABHalo on the JAG Jeans website. They have the same Fit Quiz to figure out your fitcode number there. Just without the extra fun.

I’m telling ya, this is a great deal on denim that is already reasonably priced!

What is Fitcode Denim Fitlab? A JAG Jeans Event

Photo Cred Tawnie Eakman Photography

JAG Jeans: Instagram @JagJeansUSA

Outfit post below credited to Hilary at The Cutie Life

FitCode Denim Lab and JAG Jeans 1

 Here’s my new Sheridans! Stay tuned for more future looks 🙂

Bellevue Fashion Week (What’s IN for Fall)

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending Bellevue Fashion Week. I wasn’t able to make it to every single event, but the two I did go to I thoroughly enjoyed. It was well-organized, the decoration and ambiance were on point, and most of all the fashion (and the show) were a rich display of fall’s finest. From this event (and a couple of other various ones I’ve attended over the past month), here’s a rundown of what’s in for fall 2016. Enjoy!

Bellevue Fashion Week (What’s in for Fall)

The Friday night show was electric from the start, as it opened up with black lights and dancing. The first collection, “Game On” showcased taking gym clothes to the next level. Edgy yet comfortable, workout attire has gone high fashion:).

Game On (Workout Attire Made Over)



Borrowed From the Boys

This is a trend that was almost at each event last month. Taking more structured menswear pieces and using them to display femininity at its best. Pinstripes, pantsuits, wide-legged trousers, and yes, turtlenecks. They’re back.





Fitted Fatigues (Military Look)

Think military, but with a huge stylish twist. Tailored jackets with embellishments, military green, all with structure and flare.





Pumpkin Spice

This was definitely one of my favorite collections, mostly because it was like fall was throwing a visual party  :). This trend is wearing the rich, autumn shades either on top of each other or in pops of color. Spicy Mustard is a color I’ve seen on all kinds of trend reports, and one that would fit in perfectly with this collection.





Soft Luxury

Another collection that I absolutely loved was soft luxury. Furs adorned everything from coats to accent pieces. Bold and soft at the same time, this is a way to stand out this fall!




A timeless color, these tones of camel made a big splash on the runway. Wear it with neutrals like leopard to kick it up a notch.




Romantic Renaissance

Velvet is another big trend for fall and it was a major player in this collection. It wasn’t alone; lace and rich textures and fabrics created a feminine look with hints of the Renaissance era. Wear it flowy and drapey, and with your best jewels:)





A Daring Pair (Dusty Pink and Yellow)

“Unexpectedly harmonious”, mix these two colors together for fall’s surprise combination.


A piece of advice I picked up from Cara Crowley during Bellevue’s Fashion week was to pick one or two trends and make them work for you. Maybe you’re not a fan of green and don’t want to even try mixing military-anything into your wardrobe. Or maybe fur makes you cringe? Pick a trend that captures your attention and run with it!

I noticed that many fall staples can be worn in several of these styles and I can’t wait to start playing around in my closet for the rest of the best (fashion) time of the year.

If you are in Western Washington, Bellevue Fashion Week is definitely an event you’ll want to mark on your calendars every September!

What trend are you excited to try this fall?

September Savorings

Hopefully, you’ve all had an amazing summer. One that’s been so amazing that you haven’t even noticed that I haven’t been able to bring you my regular pieces here :(. I knew this summer was going to be insane but I didn’t really realize that it would be insane. As I’m starting to get some breathing room, I thought I’d share with you a bit of where I’ve been, where I’m at, and where I’m headed. Since I haven’t been able to share my Favoring Fridays lately, I also want to show you some of the things that I’ve been loving over the last month or so. So grab your iced tea (if it’s still warm) or your PSL if you’re feeling those basic fall vibes, and let’s catch up!

September Savorings

Where I’ve been

Moving. Unexpectedly, we had to make a choice to move right outside the city. It chewed up our August. I’d like to say that it went smoothly and that now we’re all settled in our new abode, but this is not the case. We had four years plus of stuff,  and what we couldn’t part with we’re squeezing into a space about half as big. I also had a really hard time saying goodbye to West Seattle. I know I’m only 15 miles or so away, but it feels like a big life shift that I wasn’t ready for. I loved being so close to the water, and it was the perfect mix of  the best of city living with a laid-back feel. Anyway, I’m still adjusting to our new surroundings, and learning how to make my cluttered house feel like a spacious home.

I wasn’t smart enough to follow all of these before I moved but Jenn of Hello Rigby had shared 5 Ways to Cope With Moving Stress this summer that really would have come in handy :).  It’s stressful!


In the middle of moving, we went to Montana for a family wedding. In a way, it was nice to have a forced break. We were able to see a lot of family and friends, and catch the state fair. We also made the trip in style, by driving a Buick Regal GS. It was such a nice ride that it made its way into my favorite things for this summer (see below!).

September Savorings


We hiked the Ape Cave around Mt. St. Helens (which was intense!), went to a few sporting events, tried to catch the Olympics, and squeezed what fun we could into the “free’ time we had.

September Savorings


If you read my Open Letter to Chrissy Teigen’s IVF Critics, you’d recall that fertility is an area of struggle for us. Although I’ve chosen so far not to dwell on it in this space, it’s something that takes up a lot of time, money and energy. It can easily become all-consuming, and we’re right in the thick of it friends.

Where I’m At/ Where I’m Headed

Settling into my house

Some people are able to pound it out and quickly unpack. I don’t get it! I hate living out of boxes, but haven’t found the time yet to get fully settled in.

Party Planning

My husband is having a milestone birthday that I’m throwing a party for. With everything going on, I haven’t been able to dedicate much time to the process, so it’s GO time! Our Anniversary is also this month :).

Football Season!

When you’re in three fantasy leagues and every weekend revolves around family and football, yes, this area gets its own category 😉 Don’t forget to check out the Thursday Huddle posts the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month!

Fall “Routine”

I may not have kids yet, but things like bible study and book club pick back up in the autumn. I’m looking forward to making the time to do these things.


Between NY Fashion Week, Fall fashion, and Seattle’s Upcoming Fashion Week, there’s been a lot to keep up with. I haven’t been able to attend all that I’ve wanted but you should be getting the inside scoop on some of them soon. If you follow me on SnapChat (ChasingMyHalo) or Instagram Stories then you’ll see it as it’s happening!


I’m hoping to let you guys in a little on our journey. Stay tuned!

My Favorite Things

A snippet of what I’m loving NOW!

1. Buick’s Regal GS

September Savorings

For our trip to Montana, we were super excited to test out a Buick Regal GS.  Growing up, my dad had a Buick for a bit and so I associate them with being larger, classy cars for older, classy people haha. I think that all stereotypes I had were completely shattered as we cruised along in this sexy, sleek, and ultra stylish GS. From the tires to the body and engine, this car turns heads!

Buick Regal GS (September Favorites)

Some of my favorite features were:

  • In car wifi. This is a blogger’s dream, and made the super long road trip go by so much faster! Hands-free and always connected 🙂
  • Collision Mitigation Braking. This was so cool! You could set your car to brake if a car gets within a certain range ahead of you. Perfect if traffic comes to a sudden halt or someone pulls out in front of you. Similarly, the side blind road alert is always a favorite to combat that dreaded blind spot.
  • Electronic E-brake
  • Infotainment System. You could put your phone’s touch screen basically up on the dashboard. It didn’t show all of the apps, but you could use a few of them right on the car!
  • Turbo mode. Such a smooth, fast ride for those wide open roads of Montana!

September Savorings


2.) Numi Teas

I was already a fan of Numi teas, so when I received them in my Endless Summer VoxBox I was thrilled! With all of life’s stressors lately, I find myself turning to tea more and more.

September Savoings


3.) Gwen Stefani’s “This is What The Truth Feels Like” Album.

After seeing Gwen and Eve live in concert in Seattle, I can’t get enough of her new album. Candid and catchy, it’s Gwen at her best.

4.) Almond Milk at Starbucks

I can’t even tell you how happy I am about this!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Buick Regal GS (September Savorings)

5.) Guitar Straps in Fashion

I think this is such a fun trend! A little bit of rock star mixed into your wardrobe :).

September Savorings ( Guitar Straps in fashion)

There you have it, I really haven’t been completely under a rock! What have you been doing and loving as the summer draws to a close? Is there a particular fall trend or a new album that you can’t wait to get your hands on?

Happy last week of summer!


Summer Plaid and the Upside of Networking

Some things in life I really don’t enjoy. Costco, IKEA, blood draws, wall sits…..networking. Networking (to me) is a lot like mingling and small talk, which I hate. It’s awkward, forced, and makes me want to run for the hills. As do those ice breaker games (insert eye roll and inward groan).

Interestingly enough, it turns out that life kind of runs on relationships and many of those relationships start out as small talk and networking. Which leads me back to blogging (because it always seems to come back to that, right?!). One of the unexpected highs of this crazy blogging world has been the friendships that I’ve made. The adventures and connections that all stem from some random event where I had to, yup, network.

Networking, I’ve noticed, is a little easier when everyone in the situation is passionate about the same thing, It becomes more fun and less daunting. To me, it’s harder being at an event where you’re connecting with complete strangers that you have absolutely nothing in common with. That can (at times) take a special skill set that I’m still developing.

In the last 2 + years, blogging has taken my aversion to networking and turned it into a way to create and cultivate friendships.Oh miracle of miracles!  And I just got in this to write ;).

Summer Plaid and the Upside of Networking

Summer Plaid and the Benefits of Networking

A perfect example that got me thinking about this the other day is my new friend Crystal, who blogs over at WhateverICanFind. We first met at a fashion event where I tried to strike up conversation in between grabbing at my security blanket, aka the food. This is the same event where I met Rachel, who ended up helping me clean out my closet!  Crystal was super sweet and had great style (of course), but it was mostly small talk.

Crystal was super sweet and had great style (of course), but it was mostly small talk. Then we saw each other again at a fashion show, connected on social media, and it kind of flowed from there. I love supporting local talent, and Crystal is a budding fashion designer who makes some amazing bags. So you know I had to get on that!

We recently met up for a fun afternoon of talking, shopping, eating, and doing what bloggers into fashion to do best….hanging out very close to a camera:).
Summer Plaid and Networking

Summer Plaid and Networking

Side note, this ice cream place is everything. Such unique flavor combinations and all local. Stop at Kurt Farm Shop if you’re on Capitol Hill!

Meet Crystal

Crystal started blogging as a form of self-care (so similar to my beginning!), and as a result, it has inspired her to focus on the arts and creating. Which she does beautifully, as evidenced by her signature gold strapped totes.

“My aesthetic is always to be a little bit “out of this world”, whether it’s wearing tulle dress to show up for an event or pearls with a jean jacket; I always want to shake things up. I want to create reactions and make a statement because that is also my personality to be bold. I think when you stay true to yourself, your passion shines through, so I want to show that in things I wear.”

I know that her boldness in fashion definitely inspires me, and ever since I saw her rock this fabulous tulle dress at a fashion show I can’t stop dreaming about how to style my own. Her passion definitely come through not only through in her outfits but in her infectious, down to earth personality in real life.

“I realized it’s never too late to take on your passion. If you work hard anything is possible and I hope that through my blog, fashion design and clothing – people get inspired to take bolder steps. It’s helped me, so I hope people read and see my photos as inspiration 😍 always #positivevibes.”

Want to see more of Crystal? Besides checking out her blog, where you can get outfit inspiration each Sunday, she’s also a face behind Seattle Fashion Week this year. So go witness her talents up close!



Summer Plaid and Networking

The day I met up with Crystal, I was feeling particularly Seattle, so I chose a plaid shirt. For some reason, the deep red and plaid combo gives me that feeling that summer is here but fall is knocking on the door. With the short sleeves and light fabric, I’ve deemed this shirt my summer plaid this year :). But plaid alone can be so boring, so I paired it with one of my biggest statement necklaces and a flirty denim skirt. “More is more, less is a bore.” Right, Ken Downing?

Summer Plaid and Networking


Summer Plaid and Networking

Outfit Details

Plaid Shirt Nordstrom Rack HERE

Skirt Macy’s Similar 

Necklace – Mirina Collections (Use Code HALO20 for 20% )

Shoes – Melrose and Market. SIMILAR 

Sunglasses – Maui Jim Orchid HERE

Tote – Anguay Reed Here

It turns out that networking can actually lead to meeting some pretty amazing people, and it’s helping me in uncomfortable situations to remember that big picture. Every good thing has to start somewhere, even if it’s awkward chatter between appetizer bites. And hey, it’s still better than a trip to IKEA :).

What are your best networking tips?


ummer Plaid and the Benefits of Networking


3 Ways To Wear A Utility Vest

Almost every season, it seems like there is one basic piece that I wear over and over and mix and match in all kinds of ways. This season, it’s definitely my green utility vest. It seems kind of blah, just hanging there in my closet with its boring color and boring fabric. But oh, the things it can do, and looks it can create! I’m going to highlight 3 of those looks now and if you’ve passed over this gem in the store, you might want to  take another look :).

3 Ways To Wear A Utility Vest

3 Ways to Wear A Utility Vest

Option One – Tank

This is the perfect time to pull out your graphic tanks (or shirts) because the vest itself is so basic that it lets your favorite tank top stand out. Another plus is that it adds an extra layer, so if your weather is more spring than summer (like ours has been this year) then you’re set. Lastly, it adds extra length so I don’t have to worry about the tank top riding up. You could easily pair this look with cute shorts; I just wasn’t feeling shorts this particular day.

3 Ways to Wear A Utility Vest

3 Ways to Wear A Utility Vest

Outfit Details

Utility Vest – Nordstrom Rack similar 

“Brunch” Tank top – Nordstrom Rack here

Capris – Bebe similar

Shoes – Vince Camuto for Nordstrom here

Necklace – Borrowed and custom-made

Option Two – Swimsuit

Earlier this summer, we took a road trip across the state where I knew as soon as we got there we’d be out on the water. Knowing that, I  decided to just wear a one piece swimsuit under the vest. I ended up really loving this look. Why? For starters, this was a weekend the weather was hot, so it made wearing as little clothing as possible more modest and acceptable. It’s also a shame how we can spend all this money on super cute swimsuits and only wear them a few times a year. This option gives them more wear time. Another plus? No need for belts because this is a virtual bodysuit :). Of course, the biggest reason this is a great summer option is because you are water ready. When we arrived at our destination last month, everyone was waiting for us to head out to the river. I, for once, was ready!

3 Ways to Wear A Utility Vest

3 Ways to Wear A Utility Vest

3 Ways to Wear A Utility Vest

Outfit Details

Vest – Nordstrom Rack similar 

Swimsuit – Robin Piccone for Nordstrom similar

Denim Capris – 7 for All mankind similar

Sandals – Nordstrom Rack


Option Three – Long Sleeved Shirt

Layering your utility vest over a long sleeve shirt is the perfect way to transition it over to fall. In my opinion, the shirt needs to be a thinner material for it to look good and that’s why this lace Free People number was perfect. Zipping up the vest also gives the outfit a whole new feel. I also switched from capris to denim and chose ballet flats for this transitional look.


3 Ways to Wear A Utility Vest

3 Ways to Wear A Utility Vest

3 Ways to Wear A Utility Vest

Photos by Mimi Balasik

Outfit Details

Vest – Nordstrom Rack similar 

Shirt – Free People Similar

Jeans – 7 for All Mankind

Shoes – Lucky for Nordstrom Rack here



1. useful, especially through being able to perform several functions.
This vest lives us to its name. “Utility” sounds like it belongs more in a garage and less on my body but it truly is one of the most versatile pieces in my closet. There are  loads of other ways to wear a utility vest other than what I listed here. I’ve seen them over dresses, with blanket scarfs, and they look fabulous over stripes or plaid. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. And that is why they get my piece of the summer award.
 adjective 1. useful, especially through being able to perform several functions. "a utility truck"
What is your favorite way to rock your utility vest? Let me know in the comments below!