Fresh Skincare (Blogger Tea Part II)

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to Burberry Beauty from a Blogger Tea that I attended at the Four Seasons Seattle, hosted by Jenn of Hello Rigby. Learning about Burberry would have been enough for me to leave happy and satisfied, but we were treated to much more than that.

While sipping on some of the best tea I’ve had in my life (in one of the best settings), we were given the opportunity to learn more about Fresh Skincare.

Fresh Skincare (Blogger Tea)

I need to talk about this tea for a second. While most of Seattle is coffee obsessed, I’m all about sipping on my tea.  Expert I’m not, but I definitely know a delicious cup of tea when I taste one, and Tea Forte is it. There’s a reason this stuff is found at luxurious places like the Spa at Four Seasons. The flavors are extraordinary, it’s beyond aromatic, and how cute are these pyramid infusers?

Luckily, I’ve also found these cuties on Amazon. Yes, that is an affiliate link (so I’d get a very small commission at no extra cost to you) but I would be promoting them here regardless. They really are delightful for any tea lover in your life. I wish I could push the smell through the screen towards you at this very moment  :).

Fresh Skincare (Blogger Tea)

After sipping my tea with the posh Seattle skyline in the background and delicious sandwiches in my belly, it was time to turn to beauty.

Fresh Skincare

I actually didn’t know a lot about Fresh Skincare and I have no idea why. Living in West Seattle, I have a friend who likes to poke fun at me for turning into a “hippie” :). I haven’t stopped shaving my legs or started burning incense in my house but I have changed what I put into my body a great deal over the last few years. Especially when it comes to our skin. It’s our largest organ and the majority of ingredients in skin care and makeup contain awful things. Look it up! Endocrine disrupters, you name it. Anyway, I try to look for ingredients that are more natural when possible.

Enter Fresh.

Fresh Founders Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg combine natural ingredients with modern technology to bring us truly unique products that are safe, effective, and luxurious. Now that I’ve tried a bunch of them, I can honestly tell you that they all smell divine and feel amazing. I want to introduce you to the parts of their collection that we were and I hope that you get to try them very soon!

Fresh Skincare (Blogger Tea)


  • 24 hour moisture for deep hydration using hyaluronic acids
  • Made with cucumber extract, porphyridium (“smart” algae), rosewater and rose flower oil made from roses from Turkey, and aloe vera gel.
  • cooling and calming sensation
  • Offers cleansing foam, toner, face mask, deep hydration face serum, hydrating eye gel, gel cream,  and face cream.

Fresh Skincare (Blogger Tea)


  • Age Delay Skincare
  • antioxidant, protects, firms, smooths and soothes
  • #ImmortalElixer
  • Contains black tea ferment (kombucha), black tea extract, blackberry leaf extract, and lychee seed extract.
  • Offers cream, lotion with SPF, eye concentrate, firming overnight mask, instant perfecting mask, firming serum, and instant infusion toner.

Fresh Skincare (Blogger Tea)


  • Native to Russia and the Himalayans, this oil has been known for its healing properties for generations.
  • restorative and moisturizing with omegas
  • Offers exfoliating soap, shampoo and conditioner, hand cream, body cream, cleansing oil, skin nutrition booster, and face oil.


  • “Youth Preserve”
  • Super 7 Complex that Illuminates and Protects
  • Offers Face cream, Radiance Lotion, eye gel, and eye cream.

Fresh Skincare (Blogger Tea)


This line was actually the only one I had previously heard of because I loved the lip moisturizer. If you saw my summer essentials post, you’ll see that I’m absolutely in love with their Sport Sunblock stick. It’s been a challenge finding a great sunblock that I like with safe ingredients. This one is portable and doesn’t make my skin feel clogged!

  • Sugar is a natural antiseptic that smoothes
  • Offers Lemon or Lychee soap, lip treatments, Sport SPF 30 Sunscreen, body lotion, oval soap, roll-on deodorant, parfum, lemon or lychee bath and shower gel, face polish, body polish, lip serum, lychee or lemon sugar bath cubes, candle, body oil, and acai age-delay body cream.

Fresh Skincare (Blogger Tea)


Turns out it’s great on my face; not just in my chai latte :).

  • Cleansing effects on skin, purifying and balancing.
  • Offers face cleanser, conditioning eye makeup remover, and cleansing milk.


  • Naturally occurring clay from the small Italian town of Nocera Umbra; therapeutic for skin conditions.
  • Purifying
  • Offers a facial toner, treatment bar, purifying mask, oil-free lotion, mattifying face exfoliant, and umbrian clay mattifying serum.


Fresh Skincare (Blogger Tea Part II)


As you can see from my earlier snap, I got pretty excited about this line. As did many of my blogger friends. Why? Because it’s hand-made by monks y’all. Monks. The ingredients are super fragile but have to be poured and done in a very specific sequence, dose, and temperature. History has it, that if this cream wasn’t made by a monk (who were like pharmacists at the time) it was considered witchcraft! The tradition is kept alive today in each product you get from this line.

  • Reduces signs of aging
  • 24-hour moisture
  • Firming and smoothing
  • Handmade in a monastery in the Czech Republic

Fresh Skincare (Blogger Tea Part II)

Fresh blew me away with the way their masks felt on my skin and the variety of products they offer. My only problem is knowing where to start, because they all smell and feel so good!

You can find out more about their remaining lines (like Fresh Life and Peony) at Fresh along with their mask menu and all sort of other fun tidbits. Or better yet, treat yourself to a facial in-store. I know that’s my next stop!

I hope you learned a thing or two about Fresh that you hadn’t known before. Are you already in love with them? Leave me your favorite Fresh product (or your favorite natural product) in the comments below.

Hope your day glows from start to finish :).






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  1. We have Tea Forte here too – mostly in restaurants & cafes. I love their tea because is strong flavoured and I l-o-v-e a nice, well flavoured cup of tea.
    It’s funny because I’ve notices that most bloggers are addicted to tea (sometimes coffee too).

  2. I’ve tried some Fresh products before and I do love their smells! The fresh lip stuff is my favorite, the sugar scrub works well and I love the tinted moisturizer! I had no idea that the face cream was made by monks, I’ll have to try it!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  3. These products look amazing and worth a try! Thanks for the post. For more skincare tips and reviews, I’d love it if you checked out my blog.