Chasing June & June National Days

Happy last day of May! Has Memorial Day weekend left you feeling refreshed? Exhausted from all that you packed in? Personally, I’m feeling ready to take on the week and the fresh new month ahead. While I still can’t fully grasp that it’s nearly summer and the year is half over, I love all that a new month and season can bring.

June is already looking pretty packed with a trip to Boston, a friend coming in from of town and lot of other randomness. In fact, the summer is already starting to look that way. How does that happen? I’m in the process of making a hiking bucket list because I’m determined not to let the summer pass by again without going on a few good hikes!

Looking towards this month, I bring you all the wacky national days of June. Use them to your liking, or just for a good laugh. Ther’s always something to celebrate, right? Even if it’s just jerky ;-).

If you’re into goal setting or are super Type A like me, then I’ve got you covered with the goal section at the end of the post. Granted, they are my goals which have absolutely nothing to do with your life but sometimes reading other people’s goals can spur on new ideas or trigger to do’s of your own.

Happy June!!


Chasing June and National Days in June

June National Days

June 1st-
 Go Barefoot Day, Olive Oil, Running Day, Say Something Nice Day, Hazelnut Cake, Heimlich Maneuver, Flip a Coin, Dare Day, Pen Pal Day

June 2nd- Leave the Office Early, Rocky Road, Chicken Rotisserie, Bubba Day

June 3rd- Doughnut Day, Chocolate Macaroon, Repeat Day

June 4th- Trails Day, Cheese Day, Old Maids (wth?), Cognac, Hug Your Cat, Safe Day

June 5th- Cancer Survivor’s Day, World Environment Day, Gingerbread, Moonshine Day

June 6th – National Eyewear Day, Applesauce Cake, Drive-In Movie, Gardening Exercise Day, Yo You, Higher Education, Ramadan

June 7th- Chocolate Ice Cream, VCR Day

June 8th- Best Friends Day, Name Your Poison, Upsy Daisy Day

June 9th- Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Donald Duck

June 10th- Iced Tea, Herbs and Spices, Ballpoint Pen, Black Cow Day

June 11th – Corn on the Cob, Making Life Beautiful day, Rose(wine) Day, German Chocolate Cake,

June 12th- Red Rose, Loving Day, Peanut Butter Cookie, Jerky Day

June 13th – Week Your Garden, Sewing Machine, Kitchen Klutzes

June 14th- Strawberry Shortcake, Bourbon, Flag Day, Pop Goes the Weasel, Monkey Around Day

June 15th – Smile Power, Photography Day

June 16th –  Fudge, Dump the Pump Day

June 17th- Eat Your Vegetables Day, Flip Flop Day, Apple Strudel, Cherry Tart

June 18th- Go Fishing, Splurge Day, International Picnic, International Sushi

June 19th- Father’s Day, Martini, Turkey Lover’s Day, World Juggler’s, Kissing Day

June 20th- Summer Solstice, Ice Cream Soda, Vanilla Milkshake, American Eagle

June 21st- Daylight Appreciation, Peaches N’ Cream, Go Skateboarding, International Yoga Day

June 22nd- Chocolate Eclair, Onion Rings

June 23rd- Pink Day, Pecan Sandies, Columnists Day

June 24th- Take Your Dog to Work Day, Pralines Day

June 25th- Strawberry Parfait, Catfish

June 26th- Forgiveness Day, Beautician’s Day, Chocolate Pudding,

June 27th – Sunglasses Day, Orange Blossom Day

June 28th- Paul Bunyon, Insurance Awareness

June 29th- Camera Day, Hug Holiday, International Mud Day, Waffle Iron, Almond Buttercrunch Day

June 30th- Meteor Watch Day, Social Media Day, Handshake Day

Goal Setting

May Goals

Start planning my husband’s Birthday party.

Nailed it. I have started but the biggest challenge is finding a venue that fits all my needs. The search continues…

Stick with Tone It Up’s Bikini Challenge.

Failed it. I’m so disappointed with myself on this one. I can list a bunch of excuses but I definitely fell off the wagon.

Get a new picture for the blog.

Nailed it. It will go up when my redesign goes live.

Move forward with the redesign.

Semi Nailed. We made some progress and it shouldn’t be too much longer here.

Get newsletter out.

Failed it. 

Make progress with spring cleaning.

Nailed it.  Pretty much this whole last weekend was about cleaning so we are definitely making headway!

Plant new flowers/herbs.

Failed it. 

June Goals

Finally roll out the redesign.

Review my New Year’s Resolution and evaluate where I’m at and what adjustments need to be made.

Clean out flower box and plant new flowers/herbs.

Finish deep cleaning/organizing house.

Drink more water (at least 8-8 oz glasses)

Be consistent with exercise (3-4 x week), even if its mild exercise or walking.

Start a new book.

Make my hiking list and plan out the hikes.

Make progress on hubby’s Bday (book a venue).


What does your June look like? Any big goals that you are trying to crush? It’s a new month full of new possibilities, so let’s do this! 🙂





Chasing June & National Holidays


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  1. Who knew there were so many national days???? I promise I feel like there is a day for everything. LOL who creates these? I can’t believe it is already June. My Memorial Day was nice and relaxing and seemed to feel like a longer weekend than normal 3 day weekends.

  2. Chocolate Ice Cream Day, for the win!!!! I’m excited about hug your cat day, but I’m not so sure my cats will appreciate it! It sounds like you did pretty good with your May goals and your June goals sound totally attainable! Can’t wait to see pics of your husband’s birthday party!
    Jessica recently posted…Digital DetoxMy Profile