I’m Wearing A Faux Fur Vest Into Spring. Try to Stop Me!

Some trends take a while to grow on me. Gladiator sandals, high-waisted anything, and harem pants to name a few. The faux fur vest was not one of them, even if it took me forever to actually bring one home. I have looked over the last year to find “the one”, and not only the one but the one in my price point. I had seen some I liked at Nordstrom Rack in the fall, but when I went back they were out. Flash forward to my date night where I was walking through TopShop, and there it was. My sheep/fur vest in all its glory, and on SALE nonetheless! Like the right guy, some things are worth the wait :).

There are only a few weeks until spring and believe you me I’m going to try to get as much wear out of this little (faux) lamb as I can before the weather gets too warm. Even when it’s spring, if it’s under 70 degrees I have some spring-appropriate outfit ideas already qued up and ready to go. You’ll see. I will admit that it is pretty cozy so I definitely won’t be donning this vest in the summer but come autumn it’s coming out again. If fur vests are relevant enough to be major players in the Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2016 line they are good enough for me:).

Wearing A Faux Fur Vest Into Spring

I attempted to work some pieces into this outfit that will also carry over into spring. For example, pin stripes and nautical blues are in style this next season so I’ll be able to wear this shirt for months to come. Look how long it is! Is it possible I bought a dress by mistake? Hmm, perhaps. Life of a tall girl I suppose.

Wearing A Faux Fur Vest Into Spring

There is something about the softness of faux fur against leather that I love. It’s the same with leather and lace. Peanut butter and jelly. You get the idea :). These (faux) leather pants are also really warm so this combo is definitely better for cold weather, or when you want to feel like a rock star. Up to you!

Wearing A Faux Fur Vest Into Spring

The day we shot these pics was a typical Seattle winter day with lots of rain. In other words, I’m making excuses for my hair but once the rain frizz fro starts there is no product that can turn back time. It is what it is.

Wearing A Faux Fur Vest Into Spring

When it comes to purses I live by the motto “the bigger the better”, and this Marc Jacobs purse is well-loved, used, and has a lot of life to give. So you might see it from time to time.

Wearing A Faux Fur Vest Into Spring


Outfit Details

Shirt: H&Msimilar

Faux-Fur Vest: TopShop similar and similar (I couldn’t find my exact vest and shirt even though I recently purchased them).

Pants: Alloy Apparel/ similar

Shoes: Eli East for Nordstrom Rack/ similar

Jewelry: Tiffany & Co (old) and cross bracelet (gift). Earrings from Fireworks (gift)

Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs Francesca Purse/ similar


Still not convinced that faux fur is for you? Let Rachel Zoe convince you in  Why the faux-fur vest trend isn’t going anywhere. I know it’s going somewhere with me, and that’s out and about on my runway of life :-).

I’m not a big risk-taker. I don’t jump out of planes or put my life savings on one spin in Vegas. Sometimes my thrills are found in faux-fur and leather, and that is what makes me me. So if you see me on the streets, and I’m rocking this look, know I’m feeling some kind of way!

I’m late to the party, but have you tried this trend? What’s your favorite way to wear faux fur?


Wearing A Faux Fur Vest Into Spring


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  1. Love how you paired the fur with the leather! I’m all about leather leggings right now! I haven’t jumped on the fur vest wagon yet, mainly because I live in AZ and can barely get away with wearing pants right now!

    • Yeah, I will say it was warmer than I even expected it to be! Next up I want to get some true leather leggings too, these ones are more like pants. I’ve loved your leather looks!

  2. Super cute and I agree I have a gray and brown faux fur vest I found from Target 2 yrs ago and I’m still rockin it hopefully its a trend that stays!

    xo, Nicole

  3. You are totally rocking that faux fur vest and of course, wear it into spring or even summer, why care! I love to wear faux fur vest on pretty much everything – jeans, skirt, dress. lol agree, like the right guy its always worth waiting for (a fedora hat that I just haven’t been able to find one I like). And yes, enough with this Seattle rain already!!
    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com
    Kusum recently posted…Valentine’s Day | Seattle CelebrationsMy Profile