How To Have Fun At Your Local Pumpkin Patch, Even Without Kids Of Your Own (Weekending)

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When’s the last time you visited your local pumpkin patch?

Happy Monday! This last weekend was a great mix of rest, productivity, and fun which happened to include a pumpkin patch/farm. It’s actually the same farm that we went to last year for the Zombie paintball hayride, Thomas Family Farm, about an hour outside Seattle. What a difference a year can make! Instead of a haunted house and shooting zombies in the dark, we enjoyed a corn maze and pumpkin patch in the daylight with babies and toddlers in tow. Well most of us anyway….:-} Find out how to have fun at your local pumpkin patch (even if you don’t have kids of your own)!

How to have fun at your local pumpkin patch.

Navigate the Corn Maze

Most local pumpkin patches have their own corn maze. This particular one had a map to go along with a shorter and longer version. We chose the shorter version, but that didn’t stop my group from getting lost. It happens:). I was never the best with maps ;-). For the direction challenged like myself, these corn mazes are really fun, but really challenging! I would have been horrible trying to find the Goblin King in Labyrinth.

How to Have Fun At Your Local Pumpkin Patch

Wear the right shoes

I did not do this. Having lived in wet Western Washington you think I would learn, but sometimes my fashion choices don’t take things like mud into account. Luckily, you can find some cute and practical options like these Women’s Hunter Boots that come in a rainbow of colors (like pink!).

Or if you know you aren’t going to be doing any walking, you can sport the fanciest boots in your closet!

How to have fun at your local pumpkin patch (pumpkin patch shoes)

Go on a hay ride

We got there a little late to do this, but hay rides are always a lot of fun. Just take your allergy meds beforehand if you suffer from hay/grass allergies!

How to have fun at your local Pumpkin Patch (hayride)

Eat some fall food

Places like this usually sell your normal fair food. Usually cash only, but you can be sure to find fall favorites like kettle corn, corn on the cob, and chili. Why is it that kettle corn tastes even better when eating it outside? The smells were amazing!

This farm had a separate beer garden, so you might want to call ahead to yours and see if it includes this. If you want to save money you’ll want to pack your own bottled water and snacks, because there is something about these places that work up your thirst and appetite!


Walk around, get some fresh air and see what you find. You might be surprised! I sure wasn’t expecting an apple launch this year!

Things to do at your local pumpkin patch

Pick out your pumpkins

Even though I didn’t need any more pumpkins this year, it would have been fun looking around to pick out the perfect one. They provide wheelbarrows if you go big so you don’t worry if you haven’t gone to CrossFit that week. My friend and I were ruminating over the poor pumpkins that get picked over haha.

Things To Do At A Local Pumpkin Patch

Find some kids 🙂

It would still be a great experience with friends, a loved one etc, but these local farms really are more fun with little kids. So tag along with your friends or relatives that have them if you’re like us and don’t have your own yet. It might even give the parents a chance to be hands free, and then you’ll get all the cuteness you can take.

My friends just happen to all make really cute kids. Like really cute.

How to have fun at your local pumpkin patch

How to have fun at your local pumpkin patch.


How to have fun at your local pumpkin patch

Dress warm and be ready to have some fun on your pumpkin patch adventure :-).

The rest of the weekend I was able to make some serious progress on the web course I am loving; Quit Your Job To Blog. This is seriously one of the most thorough courses on blogging I have ever taken, and I need thorough because there is still so much to learn! Whether you are a newbie or veteran blogger I can’t recommend this course enough.

Although E was out serving the community and didn’t get to go to the pumpkin patch with us, we were able to spend a lot of quality time together.  We even got in a date night where we met some rather gaunt new friends :).

How to have fun at your local pumpkin patch (Weekending)


What’s your favorite thing about your local pumpkin patch? Have you gone this year?

Have a fabulous week friends!

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  1. This is such a cute and fun post. I love pumpkin patches, and even though I have two little ones to drag along…I mean, take with me lol, I think I enjoy it more than they do!

    • I’ll have to check it out😄. Of course it’s fun with or without kids. I tell myself I had the best of both worlds because I could hold the cuties but not be responsible ;-).

  2. That’s so nice. It’s always so fun when a Pumpkin Patch is involved! I think this is very nice to do for the kids, it’s very memorable.

  3. Aw it looks like you had so much fun! We have a bunch of local places that sell pumpkins so that is nice and it’s a great fall family activity!

  4. No kiddos here but we love to go to pumpkin patches and really anything that is holiday related! Thanks for the tips, I always forget that shoes are so important!

    • Apple picking is on my list, but it seems to be the one that I have a hard time getting to every fall. How fun that your daughter is experiencing this with her kids! I bet they have some great pictures 🙂